“Hands On” (Steering Wheel Poem)


Here’s a new poem for dVerse Poets open link night, and also Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads.  (Check out the great poets at both sites.)

Hands On

When I think of why
we are together,
I think of your hands
upon a steering wheel.
The night was cold,
dark (the car seats stiff with it),
but the tendons–had you given me
your gloves?–ran along your grasp
like lifelines, and I needed
a lifeline.
They caught the ambients
from the headlights–inverse shadows
that I could not turn from
as you took
the curves,
then straightened;
as you laughed
about something seemingly
as I laughed too, all the time
watching them

(P.S. And while you are checking on things, check out NOSE DIVE, my comic mystery novel, which has been reviewed with great kindness by Charles Mashburn of Marbles in My Pocket and Victoria C. Slotto of Liv2Write2day on Amazon.)

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24 Comments on ““Hands On” (Steering Wheel Poem)”

  1. David King Says:

    The night was cold,
    dark (the car seats stiff with it),

    These two lines struck me as I read. This is the sort of love poem that I find very difficult to write, and therefore impressive when it’s from another’s pen – or computer, for that matter! Excellent piece.

  2. brian miller Says:

    the scene is really finely layered k….the focus on the hands which i find particularly emotive…the tendons esp where the tension and strength come together….and someone has to take hold…

  3. Margaret Says:

    I have always adored hands and I loved my husbands hands the first time I saw them. Kind, gentle, and strong. And I ordered your book… can’t wait for my girls and me to read it. 🙂

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks so much, Margaret! I hope that you all like it. It is a fairly quick read, quite silly, but kind of fun, especially for anyone who (i) is insecure about her/his appearance and (ii) likes musicals. Take care, k.

  4. I love the non-sappiness of this very love filled poem.

  5. claudia Says:

    the tendons–had you given me
    your gloves?–ran along your grasp
    like lifelines…believe it or not, this brought tears to my eyes…very fine work, very moving…

  6. The Linnet Says:

    I read this poem earlier, a coincidence maybe but the words have stayed with me.

    ‘but the tendons–had you given me
    your gloves?–ran along your grasp
    like lifelines, and I needed
    a lifeline.’

    I love the simplicity of the scene and the depth of your description 🙂

  7. ayala Says:

    Love the lines… Like lifelines…. nice !

  8. hedgewitch Says:

    There’s an almost surreal quality to this drive, K.–reminded me of Sartre a bit–things are what they seem only more so, and maybe not…you give a foreign sense of life to the inanimate, and a stiffness to the physical, yet also a heat and reality–anyway, I’m in danger of over analyzing on too little sleep here so forgive me if I’ve wandered off point. I enjoyed the skill and the feel of this very much.

  9. Laurie Kolp Says:

    This is so upbeat… I can see those hands so clearly!

  10. seingraham Says:

    What a sexy strong poem; I’m a sucker for hands myself … very cool

  11. A very special moment that brought tears to my eyes… Life is so filled with these little fits of wonderment,,, thank you for sharing this Miss Manic..

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Hi John! I hope you are well and writing your wonderful poetry. I am terrible about checking all the links. Will do! K.

  12. Caty Says:

    “had you given me your gloves?” something about that line just added a reality to it for me. Made me feel like I was there. This was terrific, K. There’s just something about the hands 🙂

  13. Chazzy Chazz Says:

    For me, I get a little bit of noir going on, and the impression produces a pleasant feeling. There’s just a tinge of mystery, though nothing “significant” occurs. But then that is how the common things of life should be, no?

  14. Shawna Says:

    Your poems always grab me and make me think. There are so many levels to this love: the hands themselves attractive, strong, artistically created; the hands as a steady, guiding force; the hands as a lifeline when you are struggling, out of balance, drowning in life’s unpredictable waters; hands that are “hands-on” in your life, active, busy, hard-working, present, there for you.

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