Flash 55 – Doctors/Nurses Texting In OR (Mine is Only 55 Words.)


Doctors, nurses, online in the OR.

Makes sense (sort of):  human eyes evolved to catch light flickers–maybe the next meal, or predator, while that tabled blob of flesh?  He’s not even edible!  (By most.)

Little screens, mirrors, handheld reflectors, our customized world.  While the aforesaid blob–a wristband–wait!

A sale!  Prices slashed!!!!


(The above is my 55 word Flash Friday about all those nurses and doctors texting in the OR, then going out into their cars and texting some more.  A sure way to keep the hospitals filled!  Tell it to the G-Man.  And have a great weekend.)

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5 Comments on “Flash 55 – Doctors/Nurses Texting In OR (Mine is Only 55 Words.)”

  1. Wow that is a scary thought!! I really loved the way you wrote the poem. The poem seems careless just like the doctors texting but it’s clearly thought out. Good read!
    Blessings, Joan

  2. David King Says:

    Shivers me timbers, does this!

  3. brian Says:

    that is surely kinda scary, even more so than texting while driving….oh i didnt need that spleen…smiles.

  4. G-Man Says:

    And what did we used to do?
    Wait till it was really necessary to have said info!!
    We are so impatient
    Loved your 55 MD
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. Mama Zen Says:

    Scary, isn’t it?

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