A Shameless Plug on Cyber Monday–NOSE DIVE

I am somebody who generally finds the holiday gilding of the overconsumption lily both unsettling and unseemly.   Patagonia, to its credit, posted an ad today, Cyber Monday, urging customers NOT to buy one of its most popular jackets, because of its heavy environmental cost.  (This, by the way, is a jacket that is made of 60% recycled materials.)

But I am making an exception in the last eight minutes of this online shopping day to make a shameless plug for my new novel.  It’s called NOSE DIVE and is a comic teen mystery set in downtown New York City.

The book has some very silly, but (I hope) fun, elements–Broadway show tunes, phone sex, gouda cheese.  The illustrations and cover by Jonathan Segal are especially wonderful.

So, check it out.  It’s available in paperback on Amazon, and will soon also be on kindle.   (Which means that even if you want to save trees, you can buy one.)

Yes, it’s for teens, but anyone who (i) likes music, (ii) has felt unhappy with their looks, and (iii) has had a friend in a tight spot should find something to relate to.

And it makes a great gift!

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4 Comments on “A Shameless Plug on Cyber Monday–NOSE DIVE”

  1. David King Says:

    Good to have a post of this nature – both sane and exciting.

  2. brian miller Says:

    very cool will check out your book

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