For the Doldrum Days – Kelly (Gene)


Antidote to a day with lots of not-so-much-fun stuff to deal with: Gene Kelly! Almost any song! Dancing along! (Singing too!)

(“It’s got to be a rose because it rhymes with toes!”)

(P.S. – the above picture is not meant to be Gene, who was too hard to draw, but Everywoman, more or less, in Gene Kelly garb.) Give it a whirl!

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3 Comments on “For the Doldrum Days – Kelly (Gene)”

  1. brian Says:

    hmmmm? smiles.

    • manicddaily Says:

      Ha! I meant that I wasn’t so sure about that one. (Maybe I’m a bit prudish. I certainly wouldn’t ban any ice cream though.)

  2. brian miller Says:

    smiles…that is ok there are plenty of days i am unsure what i write…i have been dancing the surreal a bit the last couple weeks and need to come back to my feet…so…smiles.

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