Mermaid Sonnet – “Different Tastes in Mythical Creatures”


I am reposting this poem and painting as an entry in the weekly links of another very active poetry site, Gooseberry Garden, which is focusing this week on mythology.   A dear friend had suggested the topic of mermaids for a poem, which I used as a writing exercise.   At first, I envisaged a poem about teenage girls diving into the surf on a tropical beach; but the poem that came out was somewhat different. (I’m afriad that I had a Robert Pattinson fixation at the time, and somehow brought the subject of mermaids around to vampires.

Different Tastes in Mythical Creatures

Some go for vampires; they like the idea
of sharp but elegant pursuit, the notion
that they personally are the cup of tea
of the ruthless.  Others look to the oceans,
scanning fantastic waves for a gleam of gleam,
twist of twist, the well-hipped curve of tail;
their magic’s found in the muscular seam
between breast and flipper, flesh and scale.
They love the submergence, dive to the unknown,
an elegance unclothed in its own wet skin,
Eve and the serpent combined, slicked hair let down,
the search for safety in the dare, plunge, swim.
Others—we’re too afraid to go in headfirst,
would rather wait, dryly, to slake another’s thirst.

For more on the mechanics on sonnets, check here.

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8 Comments on “Mermaid Sonnet – “Different Tastes in Mythical Creatures””

  1. Yes! I like how you combined the two mythical creatures into this poem. Very interesting and well done!

  2. Morning Says:

    this is beautiful.

    magic and myth, very cool ride…in your imaginative words.

  3. Wyoming Diva Says:

    Nice combination of myths: mermaids and Eve and serpents. Intriguing read.

  4. Classic NYer Says:

    I’m loving the juxtaposition of ideas here… and great wordplay as well.

  5. very impressive mixture of two ceoncepts.

    everyone makes choices, for each decision we make, there is consequences, wet one, dry one,

    vivid imagery.

  6. I think sensuality is what ultimately created the myth of the mermaid in sailor’s minds so long ago, and you captured that so well…… how beautiful the image of muscle seams and well-hipped curve of tail….. Eve combined with serpent….. I just saw the most amzingly beautiful creature in my mind…. lovely…..

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