More Escapism – What She Didn’t Want – To-NOT-do list


Oops! Forgot my escapist crime novel at home this morning. Left it back in my escapist bed. (See yesterday’s post re escapism this time in August.)

So, here I am, stuck on a very hot and muggy New York City subway platform with nothing to divert my brain from either the increasingly-urgent things I’ve got to do in the next couple of weeks or the ridiculous time-wasting things I’ve BEEN doing in the last couple of weeks, other than the woman walking by, who is complaining that McDonalds would not remove some item from her breakfast bun this morning, and her boyfriend’s seeming castigation in response (is he irritated with her or McDonald’s?) only I can’t quite catch that part because they are already out the gate, walking up the subway stairs.

So, should I make some kind of to-do list?

Only I’m on the train now, and really it’s incredibly much easier just to focus on all the things the OTHER people in my life should be doing, and HOW exactly they should be doing all those things. (I’ve got loads of helpful advice ranging all the way from more discipline to, well, more discipline.)

But, to be honest, what I should really make is a “to-NOT-do” list, since lately I seem my own worst enemy, obstructing rather than achieving accomplishment.

But the thought of such a “to-NOT-do” list fills me with instant cringe-worthy pain, and besides I only have one stop left, and yes, it’s a relatively long way to that stop, but what was that woman trying to have McDonald’s keep out of her breakfast sandwich? The ham? And who was her boyfriend irritated with in the end? And do they really think McDonald’s custom makes sandwiches? (Does it?) And, btw, look at those two women across from me playing some very active game upon their phones, thumbs hopping about like hurdle jumpers. Talk about escapism….

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