Sick of/over News Corp.


As the arrests and resignations in the Rupert Murdoch/News Corp. scandal mount, one can’t help wondering (in the midst of one’s disgust) what it was all for. So far a lot of the hacking does not seem to have been conducted in search of true news stories, actual “scoops,” but to have amounted simply to the worst kind of voyeurism and manipulation–peeping tomism at funerals, eavesdropping in an abduction, collecting unfair gossip, and then too, blackmail. No search for a Pulitzer here; craven people making money out of others’ suffering or misfortune or celebrity.

The only political aim I can see is, perhaps, one of distraction. Maybe the goal is to divert people with enough sensation that they will lose the taste and patience for factual analysis.

Hopefully, the tactic has backfired.

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