Face, Cow, iPad


I’ll tell you straight out. This is going to be one of my blatantly pro-iPad diatribes.

Yes, the device is a bit awkward for typing, even with the bluetooth keyboard.

Yes, its wireless is not as strong as a laptop, and its camera is not as good as a Canon.

Nonetheless, it’s a wonderful device. The idea that I can just sit there with it in my lap listening to someone on the phone, and draw a face, and shade it in, and give it hair, and erase some of the contours just enough so that they look sort of graceful.

And then, as the call continues, the iPad also lets me paint a cow. A cow! I don’t know why I chose a cow, but there it is, a cow! Which is part painting, part photo, part erasure, part drawing–an act of concentration, and yet as I’m working on it I am also better able to listen to the call.

This morning I used it (on the subway) to scribble down the poem, but I’m only brave enough to look at the face and cow.

Which is enough for me for now,

(I’m milking them anyway.)


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