No Time In The Present


People who know me know that I frequently complain about not having much free time in life.

I really should not complain. (It’s just so satisfying.) The fact is that I am the main person who fills up all that “un-free” time. (Well, me and my boss.) I manage, in other words (and despite all the complaints) to spend a relatively large of my time of activities of my own choosing. But to satisfy my guilty Lutheran temperament, I slowly convert many of these chosen activities into “obligations.”

A part of me knows that they are not true obligations. I am not required to write a daily blog, to do yoga, to try to write poetry or novels. I am certainly not “obligated” to troll the internet (supposedly to keep up with the news, or the market, or “money-saving” sales.)

But, somehow (perhaps as a substitute for discipline), I convince myself that all these activities are somehow mandated, morally-uplifting, essential to maintaining a sense of self, and neglected at the expense of sanity. This results in extreme…. busyness.

(And then, of course, there’s my actual boss. And job.)

All of which makes it incredibly difficult to deal with anything extra, something not normally part of the routine. Take for example a driving license renewal.

I recently got a ten year license renewal notice that, because I wear strong glasses, requires the submission of an eye test along with the regular forms.

Which requires me to go to my eye doctor. Or an optometrist. Or the DMV.

All of which was supposed to be done before my birthday earlier this week.

No wonder people hate government intervention!!!!

For some reason, they (all those bureaucrats at the DMV) think I need to be able to SEE to drive.

If only I could take an eye test online. From my laptop. In bed.

If I could at least multi-task–take the test at my desk, or while doing yoga. (Say Tree pose.)

But they probably expect me to actually focus on something like that. An eye test! Geez!

(For now, I’m simply staying off the road.)

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