National Poetry Month – Day 27 – “A Passionate Long-Distance Caller To Her Love” – and GOING ON SOMEWHERE reviewed!

I was having a hard time coming up with a draft poem tonight when suddenly the opening of Christopher Marlowe’s wonderful poem “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” came to mind. (“Come live with me and be my love.”)

A variation on the theme:

A Passionate Long-Distance Caller To Her Love

Come live with me, my sweet, my dear,
and we shall never echoes hear
of anxious longing, fearful cries,
of ‘why me?‘ woes or angry lies–
our ears won’t burn with cellphone’s ray,
our brains won’t change their matters gray
to tumors fed by conversations
that only serve to try our patience.
Oh please come here; stay right by me
so I can see you when I see
the sky, the window, the chair, the bed.
the pillow there beside my head,
for you are all of these and more,
my sun, my moon, my ceiling, floor,
the one I talk to, the one
for whom I’d be still–sweet Hon,
I know my silence is not much known–
it just won’t transmit on the phone–
but come here soon and stay forever
and we’ll lay quietly together.

All rights reserved. Suggestions welcomed, particularly as to last line–yes, I know “lay together” is not quite right, and should the quietly come earlier in the line?  (Agh!)

On another poetical matter, my recently published book of poetry, Going on Somewhere, was very carefully and thoughtfully reviewed by fellow WordPress blogger Ashley Wiederhold on her blog Trees and Ink.  Please check out Ashley’s review of my book (and other books) as well as checking out the book itself on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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15 Comments on “National Poetry Month – Day 27 – “A Passionate Long-Distance Caller To Her Love” – and GOING ON SOMEWHERE reviewed!”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed reading it very much. Reading and writing poetry relaxes me and I think it’s soothing for the soul. Great job.

    A Poem for Mothers

  2. You could go many different ways with the last line, but I think it sounds good as is. Simply from a reader’s perspective.

  3. poetryroad Says:

    Emotionally charged! Thanks!

  4. very well done love your ending come here and stay soon and we will lay quiet together lovely

  5. Beautifully written just the way it is 🙂

  6. CC Champagne Says:

    Modern longing in a traditional form! I love the contrast (that could, of course, just be in my head). How did people do long-distance love before the age of telephone and internet? *smile* Very nicely done!

  7. […] though I can’t say I remember visiting. *blushing* Her/his entry to the Rally is called A Passionate Long Distance Caller To Her Love and this one made me smile (though I always get worried when I see titles that involves some kind […]

  8. ZQ Says:

    Hmmmm…I did enjoy reading it…long distant 🙂

  9. Classic NYer Says:

    I’m in a long distance relationship now, and this is so spot on…

  10. emanita01 Says:

    Why edit something so well written? Thanks!

  11. powerful and emotional.


  12. I wouldn’t change anything; I enjoyed this a lot 🙂

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