The Apology That Came In From The Cold

Sorry for all the duplicate posts yesterday.

I am in a house in the mountains without Internet or phone service and an intermittent cell connection. Some speculate that the cell tower is encrusted with ice but frankly the service is poor here even in summer (when those same speculators conjecture that all the leaves interfere with the signal.)

At any rate, last night I tried all my blogging wiles to post a painting. These included reposting it at various pixel levels and marching up and down the nearest snowy hill with a headlamp strapped just below my hat.

(The cold has broken the car key in the ignition so driving to a place with better connectivity was not a true option even if I’d been willing to take a chance on icy roads.)

Unfortunately, I do not understand this gadget enough to know how to cancel all or some of the messages once they started their glacial (in all senses of the word) but non-pictorial way through the stratosphere. (The smart phone was just too smart for me.)


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4 Comments on “The Apology That Came In From The Cold”

  1. Charles Says:

    I wondered why I never heard back if you received the screensaver file. I even left an updated nmail at NaNo the other day in case the original had gotten buried.

    • manicddaily Says:

      Dear Charles, I never got it! I will check the nanowrimo mail. That got so full of updates on forum conversations that I stopped checking after a while. Thanks for thinking of it. Feel free to send it to me at Thanks.

    • manicddaily Says:

      Charles–thanks, looks like it’s there. I am at my office right now, trying to catch up, and can’t open it, but will try at home. Thanks again.

      • Charles Says:

        Hi Karin,
        Not a problem. I know how overwhelming the NaNo updates can get. One minute it’s just a few posts and the next thing you know you have close on 100 updates in your inbox.

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