Turtle Dreams (Draft)

Turtle On Head

We began the swamp on foot.
This was a bad idea,
a turtle suddenly on my head,
a large one, I dreamed, a snapper.
I could just make out the
creased unwrinkling of one short khaki leg
as it dangled down my brow like
an ancient bang; its mottled shell,
a dangerous helmet.
You somehow got a boat, turned to my aid.
“Don’t use the oar,” I pleaded,
as you hoisted the long, smoothed wood,
but I could see aim in your eyes.
shut mine.

(This is today’s draft.  Any suggestions?  Especially at beginning or end, let me know.)

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3 Comments on “Turtle Dreams (Draft)”

  1. Jingle Says:

    super cute,
    you rock…


  2. A.B. Thomas Says:

    Heck, I thought the write was pretty darn slick beginning to end

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