Possible Spoiler Alert – “Remember Me” – Reasons For Sinking Feeling Pre-Ticket Purchase

As followers of this  blog know, I am an embarrassed fan of Robert Pattinson.  (It’s the smile, the eyes, the hair, the cheekbones, the….)  As a result, I have to,  I have to, get myself to his new film Remember Me, opening today.   Unfortunately, after reading a few reviews (mixed), I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Here’s  why:

Reasons For Sinking Feeling Pre-Remember Me

1.  That Rob really will prove to be a not very good actor and I won’t be able to blame it on the Twilight scripts.   (Rob not a very good actor?  Does not compute.)

2.  That Rob’s hair will be flatter than Edward Cullen’s, and even though I thought Edward’s was ridiculous, I will somehow feel crest fallen. (Like the hair.)

3.  That the movie will be ponderous. (Likely.)

4.  That he’ll smoke cigarettes non-stop.  (Ugh.)

5.  That his American accent will make him seem dopey.  (Does it matter?)

6.  That the movie will have some kind of heavy-handed 9/11 ending–maybe the cop father of Emilie de Ravin is killed, maybe one of Emilie or Rob is killed–and that this will make me feel truly sick, upset, and manipulated, even as it will inevitably move me.  (This seems a strong possibility and is extremely worrisome.)

Oh well.   In the interest of not being a true spoiler, I will try not to let you know.

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2 Comments on “Possible Spoiler Alert – “Remember Me” – Reasons For Sinking Feeling Pre-Ticket Purchase”

    • manicddaily Says:

      Yes! All by myself too. It wasn’t great, but not terrible. (I may be pretty easy to please in the Pattinson department. Yes, I admit it’s crazy!)

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