In Honor Of Unromantic Love – Pre-Valentine’s Day Poem

Valentine Sweetie

For kids, Valentine’s Day is not a completely romantic holiday (at least it wasn’t back in the stone age when I was a child.)   In the spirit of total inclusion, little Valentine’s Day cards were given to every member of one’s elementary school class by every other member.   (They weren’t exactly cards, more like little pieces of paper filled with hearts and silly slogans.)  A more elegant heart (of chocolate) was given to the elementary school teacher, and those little chalky fortune-cookie message candy hearts, the ones with the red print embedded in their pastel sides, were eaten (or saved and studied)  by everyone else.   I say fortune-cookie message hearts in that their messages, like fortunes, were sometimes a bit difficult to understand.  “Be Mine” was obvious.  But “Sure Thing” seemed a little odd to a six-year old.

(Apologies for the heart candy painted above, by the way.  I’m not sure those chalk hearts had punctuation.)

The point of all this is that Valentine’s Day was about love and not just romantic love.  In that spirit, I’m posting a non-romantic love poem.

Going in to look at my daughter asleep

When I walk into your room
I try to sneak
beneath your soft
small breaths like
hiding inside the
lilac bush, trying not to laugh, like
the dreams in which I
sit with my dead
grandmother, so happy to
have her back.  It’s a rebirth
each time I see you after
not seeing you, it’s
as if you had made
the dead rise.

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