“Truest Love” Poem – Dog is What Spelled Backwards?

More in honor of trust and dogs.

Truest Love

The little dog lay on its back
in the semblance of
truest love.
The woman, leaning in from above, ignored
stained whiskers and breath like fish,
in the semblance of truest love.

The little dog exalted when she came home
as if she were its dearest wish,
the answer to heart’s prayer.
She said, ‘hey there,’ and stooped
to capture some wriggle.

The little dog saw her as
itself spelled backwards;  she
accepted the role, thankful that
some being had finally taken
due note of her
existence, ignoring
breath like fish.

All rights reserved.  Karin Gustafson

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8 Comments on ““Truest Love” Poem – Dog is What Spelled Backwards?”

  1. senaroze Says:

    wow< thats a really good pome! i really like it! keep up the good work. =3

  2. Haha/ Yeah, that Dog spelled backward thing. About your dog of fifteen years of age, I had to put my old dog down last year. He was fifteen also.

  3. Mary Says:

    As one who loves dogs, I found this poem enjoyable to read today.

  4. bajanpoet Says:

    This is a great poem 🙂

  5. Heaven Says:

    I don’t have pets but I can relate to the feelings evoked in your words ~

    Thanks for sharing this ~

  6. Marian Says:

    this is adorable. i especially like “stooped to capture some wriggle.”

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