Manhattan Before Christmas – The Super is Everywhere!

If you live in Manhattan, there are several traditional signs that Christmas is coming–that big white star by Tiffany’s, the tree at Rockefeller Center,  the Strauss Waltzes in Grand Central and the laser reindeer dancing among its regular constellations.

Then there are the signs that are closer to home:

1.   Your doormen suddenly begin opening doors for you.

2.   The Super, whom you’ve not seen in a few months, hangs around chatting with the doormen (despite the fact that they are so busy opening doors.)

3.   Xeroxed sheets with the names of the doormen, the Super, the Super’s assistants, the porters, the cleaners, the plumbers, and even of the people who will come and paint and plaster your apartment once you move out, are stuffed under your door.

4.   Faux fir branches bedeck the outdoor café next to your building.  You realize, on closer inspection, that they have been wrapped around a collapsed outdoor umbrella, which has also been covered with garbage bags, duct tape, and little twinkling lights.  (It actually looks okay at night.)

5.  The huge inflatable rat that sometimes grins at the end of your block due to ongoing labor disputes has been replaced by a huge inflatable elf, announcing the sale of Christmas trees.

6.  The sidewalk holding these trees smells really good for once.    (How do they keep the dogs away?)

7.  You realize, at the gym, that you did not lose the ten pounds you said you would.  The reflection of the twinkling lights from the outdoor umbrella stand just below the gym window reminds you that it’s too late now (unless you can somehow manage a juice fast in the next five days.)

8.  You try a hair cut instead.

9.  The doorman, smiling as he opens the door when you come from the salon, tells you how nice it looks.

10.  You look for that xeroxed piece of paper so that you will spell his name right.

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