Things Not To Do At An Office Christmas Party

1.         Pee against the wall of the banquet hall in which the party is being held, or even in an adjacent phone booth.  (I witnessed this indiscretion at the first office Christmas party I ever went to.  The employee did not last into January.)

2.        Mention, in passing,  either  (a) the tax research you were supposed to finish by today, or (b) any suicidal impulses.

3          Discuss, even intelligently, any obsession you may have with either vampire novels, or  Robert Pattinson.

4.         Order a sixth bottle of beer or thirds on the chocolate dessert.

5.         Drink out of the wine glasses, or eat off the plates, of any co-worker.  (Yes, I know it’s a sin to waste wine, or food, especially chocolate.)

6.          Be anything but thankful to any figure of authority, but not rubbing-up-against-thankful, no matter how many glasses of someone else’s wine you have finished.

7.     Ask for a raise between courses.  Or during courses.

8.         Ask too many times whether there is bacon in the soup.

9.         Forget to ask, if you are a known vegetarian, whether there is bacon in the soup.

10.       Eat the soup.  ( It either has bacon or chicken broth.)  Just stick with the salad.

11.       And the chocolate dessert.

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