Robert Pattinson On David Letterman – Cryptic Re Robsten?

Robert Pattinson on David Letterman – young, sweet, cute, diplomatic.  His reply on the question of his relationship with Kristen Stewart– a mumbled something about his having given cryptic answers to that question all tour–seemed eminently NOT cryptic, but politic, dutiful, even gentlemanly.   It also seemed a definite ‘yes’, especially when combined with what a wistful glance at the magazine cover, shown by Letterman, of himself and Kristen.    I say all that it my own politic and dutiful way as a fan.  There did seem to be a genuinely gentlemanly aspect to Rob’s answer, but I’m also guessing Summit, the studio in charge of the Twilight franchise, has a stake in keeping the controversy alight  (Team Jacob plus the hype of speculation).


The pleasures of pop culture in difficult times:  Robsten now makes me think of my mom in the 30’s, deeply loving Shirley Temple, Gone With the Wind, Errol Flynn.

Okay, that’s an excuse.  It’s not just the difficult times that explains the fascination–how about charisma?  Good looks?  Charm?  The love of fantasy?

Ah again.

Other seeming proof of Robsten relation (sorry, non-fans), Rob says, not on Letterman, that Kristen cooks a mean spam.   Come on!

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