Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it…. Robsten?

Spotted at Le Bourget–Paris Airport.

Caught on film!

An amazing photograph bouncing all over the internet is found to prove, nearly definitively, the existence of a phenomenon that has been the subject of long and intense worldwide speculation.   Is it:   (a) the Loch Ness Monster?  (b) Big Foot? (c) a new moon of Jupiter (wink wink nudge nudge).

Or are we talking about the existence of a love affair between two nearly teenage movie stars (who are super-attractive, thrown constantly together, play fantasy lovers,  and would  have no reason not to fall in love with each other)?

You guessed it.

They were caught holding hands.  In Paris.  (OMG!!!)

As one blogger reported, this wasn’t the first time they’d held hands, but the first time there was photographic proof of it.

High sums are now being paid for photographic proof of other important phenomena such as:

1.  Rob and Kristen playing footsie. (Hopefully, in Rome.)

2.  Kristen wearing an oversized sweater.  (Hopefully, in the early morning.)

3.  Rob eating from Kristen’s dessert plate.  (Hopefully, something chocolate.)

4.  Or vice versa.  (Still, chocolate.)

5.  Rob and Kristen holding hands and playing footsie on a UFO.  (Hopefully, within HD range.)

Why all the effort?  Why do people care?

(Maybe because there’s something more hopeful about it than real news these days.  Or maybe just, well, the “super-attractive,” “nearly teenage,” “fantasy” part.)


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