Obama Truly At Dover

After all the silliness, I want to comment on something truly newsworthy—Obama’s late-night, early-morning trip to Dover, Delaware (October 29), to salute the 18 fallen soldiers whose remains were returned from Afghanistan.  Maureen Dowd has an interesting article about it this morning (November 1, 2009 – “Port Mortuary’s Pull”).  (For video footage involving one soldier’s casket, whose family gave full permission for filming, see  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/29/obama-heads-to-dover-air-_n_337930.html.)

Apparently, Liz Cheney, and others on the right are accusing Obama of using the moment as a photo op.  Dowd quotes Cheney as saying, to a Fox News radio host, “I think that what President Bush used to do is do it without the cameras.”  Dowd goes on to point out that Cheney’s right:  “There were no press cameras at Dover in the previous administration. There was also no W.”

What Cheney and others also fail to note is how small a portion of Obama’s participation was actually covered in the supposed photo-op:  a part of the “dignified transfer” of one soldier out of eighteen, a meeting with a chaplain and all of the families; all through the night.

I’m not saying that the loss of one night’s sleep is a huge sacrifice.  I’m just trying to further emphasize the ridiculousness of Cheney’s statement, and of any statement trying to cast doubt on Obama’s sincerity. Any person with an ounce of neutrality can see the somber gravity of Obama’s expression; it’s as clear as the blowing of that early morning wind.

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