Obama – Peace Prize and Possibility – Now Keep Him Safe

Obama  wins the Nobel Peace Prize.  I am so happy for him, and so happy for the world.

Yes, it is early.  Yes, it’s hard to point to results.  But I’m not sure that those Peace Prize winners who are major political leaders (and not leaders of  more containable movements and organizations) can ever point to lasting results.   That’s one of the age-old problems of our world—the endless wars and rumors of wars.

The committee has even admitted that the award was given to Obama to support and encourage his efforts as well as to reward them.

But it’s ridiculous to say that awarding the prize to Obama somehow cheapens the prize or is undeserved.

The fact is that Obama, even by the act of getting himself elected (before he even became President),  has radically changed the international climate.  These changes were not just made in diplomatic relations but in the hearts and minds of billions of people.  A sense of possibility opened.  It’s clichéd, but still true.  All over the world—Arabs, Africans, Asians, Europeans, South Americans, even Americans themselves—were shown that what had seemed unthinkable in the not very distant past was not only thinkable, but actual, real, had happened.   A black man was elected as President of the United States!  A man with an African father, a unusual (some might say, strange) anthropologist mother, and a very strong very American black wife was elected President of the United States!  A man who’d made money, not in business or through his family, or (God forbid) in politics, but as a writer was elected President of the United States!   A man, with an international background and outlook,  who understood (even before a presidential briefing) the difference between Sunni and Shia, was elected President of the United States!

I say this not to minimize Obama’s efforts as President, but to point out that Obama’s accomplishment of  becoming President itself promoted a greater sense of the possibility of peace in the world, of the progress of justice and fair play, and, perhaps more critically, of the importance of the individual.  His election brought a sense that an individual could accomplish great things.

His election also almost immediately created a more benign image of the U.S. in the world;  (the country was suddenly seen more as earnest good guy than self-righteous bully, or at least as trying to be earnest, trying to be good.  I, for one, count that as a step forward on the road to peace.)

It’s true that since his election, it is easier to point to Obama’s efforts rather than accomplishments.  The types of accomplishments that he is trying for are beyond the achievement of one person (despite the importance of the individual!).   But he openly recognizes that these accomplishments demand the cooperation and agreement of other parties, and he is working hard.

I don’t think awards go to Obama’s head.  I think/hope he’s more balanced than that, and more realistic.  (He also has that strong wife I mentioned before.)   The only thing that worries me is whether this kind of lionization will attract even more enemies to him, more crazies with guns.  Here, I think all Americans, even those on the other side of the political camp, could work together to absolutely condemn the crazy-talk, the heedlessly violent terminology, and hope and pray that Obama, and all about him, are kept safe.

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4 Comments on “Obama – Peace Prize and Possibility – Now Keep Him Safe”

  1. rick leonard Says:

    I too pray for President Obama his family and All who have the fate of america in their hands. My prayers are especially with Obama and his family. I pray this premature award doesn’t prompt the radical Islamic groups to attempt to esculate their violence to show their disdain of this award. I strongly urge ALL AMERICANS to pray and support our President at this most critical time in history. I DID NOT VOTE for president Obama I am NOT a fan of his and IN NO WAY do I think he is qualified to be President. However having said that Let reiterate my previous statements WE MUST PRAY an SUPPORT President Obama and his advisors. He is our elected President in a still somewhat free democratic country. Until you spend some time in countries overseas you can never understand just HOW blessed and fortunate we are in THE GOOD OLD U.S.A. Please help America, Pray for this President and his family as you have never Prayed before. From a non Obama supporter but a Strong supporter of America. Rick

  2. rick leonard Says:

    We can also do more than pray, We can volunteer for duty. You may say like what. Whatever is needed. Notify the powers to be that you are ready and willing to help in any way. I am 66 years old and I travel on my own, mainly listen to what is being said in other countries and I to to combat any negative words and replace them with words of freedom. I am open to any kind of work that may be required. The history of our great country will show that many times past administrations used ordinary citizens to accomplish extraordinary things. Let your government know you are ready to help in any capacity. You may be surprised and actually get a call someday. Probably not, but if enough people let our government officials and the rest of the world know we are ready to stand up and help in any way it may make a difference. Don’t just sit back and complain be available to help if asked. America needs POSITIVE, OPTIMISTIC people, there is more than enough NEGATIVE Opposition. Be Positive, Optimism will bring positive results, Negative will only bring more negative results.. WAKE UP CITIZENS. Rick

  3. rick leonard Says:

    To our Government: Wake up, You may discover that an ordinary citizen may more easily infiltrate and become more privy to the real issues, the real plans of action and the true nature of our enemies overseas. I have been traveling on my own and I have discovered an entirely different dialog than I have been reading from the official sources. I have been able to become a part of the local scene easily just as an american tourist and ex-pat, Officials you would be surprised to discover how I have been able to blend in to the locals in the hostile areas. You are underestimating the enemy if you think they can’t spot an official or professional in their areas. And if you are there openly you are probably wasting time and money. You will SEE and HEAR only what these other countries want you to SEE and HEAR. Just as with some of our top law enforcement, The BEST RESULTS comes from plain old ordinary undercover citizens they use. Major crime is almost always solved as a result of using the ordinary citizen and sometimes criminal element to obtain the information necessary to solve their cases. It will work for the Government against our enemies also. Think about it, discuss it among yourselves and if you are truly interested in getting some positive results ask a citizen like me. I will be glad to infiltrate, obtain information and get it where it needs to be in order for our OFFICIAL people to find, distroy the enemy and help America. God Bless Rick

  4. rick leonard Says:

    O.K. I’m done for a while. I just wanted to try and get the attention of our citizens, our government officials or anyone that may be of help protecting our citizens, our armed forces and keeping America Strong and Free. Thank You Rick

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