10 Reasons Why My Feelings For Robert Pattinson Must Be Strictly Maternal

1.  It upsets me when I see pictures of him a. smoking, b. drinking a coke.  (I don’t mind all the coffee.   It’s the niccotine, tar and high fructose corn syrup that get to me.)

2.  I worry about him going to martini bars.

3.  The way the papparazzi hound him makes me feel extremely sorry for him.

4.  All the bad weather we had in New York when he was filming Remember Me made me feel extremely sorry for him.

5.  Almost any slight makes me feel extremely sorry for him, even though others insist he’s had a pretty lucky year.

6.  I overlook what the media criticizes,  e.g. he probably didn’t understand New York tipping standards.  Besides, maybe he wasn’t even picking up the tab for that meal.  Also he’s young.  (And if he had a martini, he shouldn’t have, though actually the drinks list for that meal, which I just happened to have seen somewhere only mentioned him having Italian beer and a free prosecco.)

7.  I immediately shut down any youtube video in which he says something which begins to sound crude;  everything else he says sounds extremely intelligent to me  (especially in his drawling English accent, accented by hands pushing through hair).

8.  I did not go to Little Ashes.

9.  I like Kristen Stewart too, but when I see her out of character and coated in eye make-up,  I can’t believe she’s truly his type.

10.  I wonder that my daughters (around his age) are not more interested in him.  Whenever I mention his name, they shoot me troubled glances and mutter something about an intervention.

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