Actually, getting pretty scary outside right now – only sounds – intense wind, every once in a while a shout or siren.

Sandy is not a good name for a storm.  It is the name of something friendly, soft, beachy, tanned.  Little Orphan Annie’s Dog?

So glad to have left Battery Park City, a wind tunnel on even a becalmed day.


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9 Comments on “Sandy”

  1. rebecca2000 Says:

    I worry about everyone. I think of Sandy..Sandy baby. Be Careful love.

  2. Ravenblack Says:

    Stay safe, Karin!

  3. Wishing you and everyone well through the storm. It sounds terrifying.
    (I used to have a boss called Sandy – she was not storm-like in the least…)

  4. hedgewitch Says:

    They say winds could hit 70-80mph–have had those pass too close here a few times–sounds like you’re being run over by a train. And very hard on trees and shingles. After your fb remark about the rat on the steps, now I’m even worried about all the rats in the subways, as they’re saying they could flood(subways not rats)–not that I like rats, especially the city kind, but I think they may be easier to deal with alive and hiding than dead and not. Ugh. Take care and I hope you keep your power through this mess so we know you’re okay,and you don’t have to deal with all that additional hassle.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      I’ve heard that they are 100 mph on Triboro Bridge. All the power out below 39th street or something, and a great deal of flooding. I am extremely glad to have evacuated –

  5. Charlotte Says:

    My prayers and thoughts are with you. Having survived Katrina and other hurricanes, I know how scary and life changing these events can be. Prepare yourself. The aftermath is challenging. xo

  6. brian miller Says:

    ugh….i know this had to be a bit scary…the crane that was coming down early on and i guess is still hanging there this morning…hope you wake up this morning to a little more relaxed day as your area recovers…

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks, Brian. I am fine. I (and another daughter who had all her wisdom teeth out last week) have crashed with my other daughter way uptown. I don’t know when we’ll be able to go home, but all is fine here. k.

  7. ds Says:

    Glad you are okay. Wild, wild night. Stay safe.

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